Making Disciples

Although we are international evangelists, we also pastor, so we want to witness the lost being saved, but we also have a great desire to help them get properly discipled. I have this desire to see those who know Christ grow into effective “soldiers” in God’s Kingdom. Believers NEED to be discipled, not just have their ears tickled in church. Making true disciples is a priority to us! 

Mobilizing Believers

The church NEEDS to get a passion for people who are eternally lost. There is a vital importance to mobilizing believers in the local church to be soulwinners… to care that people will be eternally lost if someone doesn’t get the Gospel to them. As an evangelist and pastor I see the need! It is our desire to help by instilling a harvest-mindset into your congregation.

Jesus came to earth to save lost people. He saved me when I was 27 years old and I was never the same man again! So we have a passion for reaching lost souls. We KNOW we've been called to use our gifts of evangelism to go to the nations with the Good News.  We want to bring the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ to the world!

Reaching the Lost

“I have been so blessed over the last 25 years of traveling world-wide to witness so many lives being transformed by the glorious Gospel. I count it an honor because I know how radical  my own salvation experience was.  I have seen the power of God heal sick bodies right in front of my eyes as I prayed the prayer of healing. I have seen demon-possessed people get wonderfully delivered as we took authority over demonic-spirits in Jesus Name. All of those instances were awesome as the power of God manifested in a tangible way. But, as wonderful as those experiences were to witness, they cannot compare to watching a broken, eternally lost man, woman or young person openly confess Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord of their life! My wife and I have seen so may lives changed, so many be translated from darkness, and translated in the wonderful light of a NEW life IN Christ. We praise God for all that, but we KNOW there is so much more God has for us to do around the world, and we are excited to watch Him unfold all of it. We will GO where he calls us to Go, and we will accomplish what He has called us to do in the power of the Holy Spirit." ~Brad Tuttle


The Lives We Impact

Because so many have asked...You can find Brad's personal testimony included in the podcast titled "A Night of Evangelism" at the Media Page.


Discipleship is important to us, so we will soon be posting short audio teachings to be used to grow believers into effective soldiers for God's Kingdom.

Please join us in praying for the unreached nations and the persecuted church around the world.